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Grower Pro Series High Tunnel

$22,208.00 - $22,399.00

Our pro series high tunnel offer superior crop protection and ease of conmstruction.  If you are building an NRCS High Tunnel or just adding on another hightunnel to you farm you will love the ease of construcion.  Build from 2" 13 gauge main frame tubing and the highest quality parts from domestic manufactueres.  All of our kits contain over 95% american made components.


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    Our premium Grower Pro High Tunnel Kits come with all the hardware needed for installation and a double inflated layer of 6-mil greenhouse plastic. Kits include:

    • 1.9" 13 gauge tubing for main bows
    • 1.315" 16 gauge for trusses purlins and roll ups
    • 1.75" 14 gauge square end wall framing with twin-wall polycarbonate covering
    • Double layer of 6-mil 4 year greenhouse plastic
    • Aluminum double wirelock hip board
    • Grade five bolts for all bolted connectiopns
    • Extra sharp #4 tip stainless steel self tapping tek screws for non-predrilled connections
    • 5:1 gear crank roll up side operators
    • Aluminum fabric clips for roll up sides
    • Wind exclusion panels on and bug netting under roll up sides
    • End wall peak vents with automatic opener
    • 4' x 7' double sliding doors on each end
    • Steel and polycarbonate baseboard system
    • Trellis cables and trellis support pipe
    • 7-year roll up sides

    Prices subject to change as the cost of raw materials fluxuates.

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