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NRCS High Tunnel Approved Vendor

Imagine having fresh tomatoes in early spring, juicy melons in fall, and lush greens all winter long! Well, you can make this a reality by taking advantage of the NRCS high tunnel program. These hoop-style, or pipe frame, greenhouses allow farmers across the country to extend their growing seasons and increase yields. And the best part? NRCS provides funding to help cover the costs!

Through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), NRCS will fund up to 90% of a high tunnel project. This makes high tunnels affordable for small and mid-sized growers who want to take their production to the next level. NRCS high tunnel standards ensure the high tunnels meet strict quality and safety guidelines. 


NRCS High Tunnel

NRCS High Tunnel Experts

The benefits are undeniable - just ask the thousands of farmers who now have flourishing fruits, veggies, and flowers outside traditional growing seasons. They report higher yields, reduced disease pressure, lower water usage, and booming profits from earlier harvests and winter markets. 

With such an outstanding program available, why not take the leap into year-round production? Just contact your local NRCS office to learn how you can get started with an NRCS high tunnel on your farm. You’ll be thrilled by the positive impacts on your operation and the fresh bounty you’ll be able to provide your community!


What to Know About the NRCS High Tunnel Grant

How much will NRCS pay for high tunnel?


Reimbursement rates vary from state to state so it is always important to verify your contract before ordering.  Rates can be any where from $4.00 to $8.00 or more per square foot.


I have an NRCS high tunnel grant. Will your frame meet their requirements? 


Yes! Every state has their own guidelines, but our structures have been approved in every state where they have been reviewed. We (Toby and Aaron) have worked on both sides of this process, building NRCS tunnels on our own farms as well, so we can help you navigate the system and provide any information your agent may need to approve your structure.


Why use CT Greenhouse for your NRCS High Tunnel Grant?


Since we started out as farmers and then greenhouse builders ourselves, we have worked hard to make sure that our frames are easy, fast, and intuitive to assemble. You will get an extensive instruction manual along with your purchase, and you can call, email, or text us any day of the week for advice along the way.


Depending on the size of your project and the options you choose, you should budget 1-3 weeks for construction. The key to a fast build is to ask lots of questions during the quoting and planning stages. 


If you need help with construction, in many areas we have independent builders we can refer you to who know our products and can give you a quote for assembly as well. 


What are the rules for NRCS high tunnels?


These will vary by state but most commonly you will need a conservation plan, currently cropped land and a farm and tract number.  The actual specs for the frame will vary by state so check with you NRCS agent to confirm details. 

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