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The 'CGC' Difference
What makes Connecticut Greenhouse Company different? Here are just a few reasons we hope you'll consider us for your next project or supplies order. 

Industry leading customer service and support 
  - Robust online ordering system with customer account access for easy reordering and record keeping. 
  - The industry's only slide-off single-pallet delivery system for greenhouse and high tunnel frames. Reduces delivery time from hours to minutes and allows you to move your unassembled kit to your site in one trip. 
  - We are growers too, and are always available to recommend the best practices for your situation. Professional advice and tips are always just a phone call away.

High Quality Construction 
  - We never skimp on material. Every greenhouse we sell is made of high quality American-made galvanized steel tubing with stainless steel self-tapping screws, Grade 5 bolts, and extra strong steel pipe straps and brace bands. 
  - Our unique purlin clip system with pre-drilled holes and sheet metal screw connections is dramatically faster to install than aluminum cross connectors or through-bolted purlins. 
  - All major connections between ground posts, ridges, half bows and trusses are bolted, rather than being connected with tek screws. 
  - "Ridge Vent Ready" bolt orientation on ridge connectors makes it easy to add a ridge vent to your structure down the road. 
  - Extended side walls are our standard. By adding extra height to the bows, rather than the ground posts, we avoid the need to drive extra long ground posts. Keeping the joint between bows and ground posts closer to the ground also adds overall structural stability.

Design / Build / Grow 
  - Design: We are customization and custom fabrication specialists. From big and tall, to weird and small, we bend em' all! 
  - Build: We know first hand the value of a farmer's time, and we have designed our frames not just for strength but also for hassle free and speedy construction. We aim to provide industry leading ease of installation and technical support, available throughout the process. 
  - Grow: We offer a full line of commercial growing supplies for your new greenhouse and for the whole farm! Call us today to get started on your next project!
What We Offer
NRCS High Tunnel Frames 
 • Designed by growers and manufactured in Connecticut 
 • NRCS compliant design 
 • Gothic tunnel available in any width from 12’ to 35’ 
 • Comes standard with a truss every hoop, roll up sides, and metal end-walls 
 • 7-year roll up sides, metal baseboards, ventilation systems, heaters, trellis pipe and wires, and other popular add-ons available 
 • Engineered plans available 
 • Every kit is a custom package; full customization is standard practice!
 • Propagation greenhouses available in any width from 12’ to 35’ 
 • Comes standard with an inflated double layer of 6 mil 4-year poly, roll up sides, and metal end walls
  • Twin-wall rigid polycarbonate covering available
  • Custom grow benches and pipe supports for hanging baskets available
  • Ultra-efficient propane and natural gas heaters available
 • Engineered plans available
 • Full customization is our standard practice; call today!
Small Farm, Educational, and Homeowner Greenhouses
 • Our smaller greenhouse frames are perfect for ambitious home gardeners, small farms, and schools
 • Fully customizable with heating and ventilation systems, roll up sides, and optional worry-free full polycarbonate covering
 • Custom built steel greenhouse benches available, raised beds and trellis systems available
 • Engineered plans available
 • Can be fully outfitted with all the supplies you need to start growing today! 
Caterpillar Tunnels 
• Low cost solution for crop protection and season extension 
• Available in 1-piece round and 3-piece Gothic models 
• Constructed of durable 1.66" diameter 15 gauge tubing 
• Customizable with end walls, doors, vents, roll up sides, and more! 
Greenhouse Components & Supplies
 • Greenhouse parts and custom made components  • Galvanized tubing
 • Vents & Fans 
 • High efficiency heaters
 • Greenhouse benches
 • Shade cloth 
Farm Supplies 
 • A full line of greenhouse and grower supplies at the best prices around, including: 
 • Seedling trays and pots, 
 • Soils, 
 • Irrigation supplies, 
 • Ag fabrics and plastics, 
 • Produce growing, harvesting and packaging supplies. 

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