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I have an NRCS high tunnel grant. Will your frame meet their requirements?

Yes! Every state has their own guidelines, but our structures have been approved in every state where they have been reviewed. We (Toby and Aaron) have worked on both sides of this process, building NRCS tunnels on our own farms as well, so we can help you navigate the system and provide any information your agent may need to approve your structure.  

I don't have any greenhouse building experience. What does it take to put the frame together? 

Since we started out as farmers and then greenhouse builders ourselves, we have worked hard to make sure that our frames are easy, fast, and intuitive to assemble. You will get an extensive instruction manual along with your purchase, and you can call, email, or text us any day of the week for advice along the way.


Depending on the size of your project and the options you choose, you should budget 1-3 weeks for construction. The key to a fast build is to ask lots of questions during the quoting and planning stages. 


If you need help with construction, in many areas we have independent builders we can refer you to who know our products and can give you a quote for assembly as well. 

What makes a CT Greenhouse frame different? 

We believe that the care we put into every step of the process distinguishes us and our frames from the others you may be considering. 

- As growers ourselves, and as owners of a small company directly involved in the day-to-day, we are able work with you closely through every step of the process, from the first planning stages all the way through project completion. 

- We never skimp on materials. American-made steel, Grade 5 bolts, and extra strong hardware may cost us more, but it's important to us to avoid some of the weak links that you may see in other frames. 

- We pre-drill many of the connection points on the frame, making your building process easier, faster, and more intuitive. 

- Our single pallet slide off delivery system makes delivery incredibly fast and painless. We will deliver all your materials directly to your site, without you needing to unload with equipment or piecemeal by hand. 

What size of investment are we talking about?

We get it! We'll work with you to choose all the right options for your situation that will get you the best possible structure for your budget. And please check out our Price Match Guarantee, which will apply to any comparable current quote you may have received from another manufacturer. 

Can I pick up my frame? 
Absolutely! You can pick up from us at our facility in central Connecticut, and we can custom pack your frame for whatever your vehicle requirements may be. 

Do you provide materials for upgrades and ongoing maintenance to my existing tunnels?
We do! Check out the Building Supplies section in our Shop, or give us a call if you need help figuring what you need for a more extensive upgrade. 

How do I contact you if I have more questions?

The best way to contact our team is by following the link below. This will give us some background information about your needs, so we can better assist you.


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