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Greenhouse Bench Tops

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  • Description
    A-V International Plastic Bench Tops
    • Polypropylene, UV protected
    • Durable and lightweight, no sagging
    • Can withstand extremely cold and hot temperatures
    • Installs on any type of frame with screws or pop rivets
    • Frame every 2 feet for flats, or pots less than 3 gallon.
    • Easy interlocking assembly
    • Flats, plug trays, and pots slide easily over surface
    • Easy to clean and disinfect
    • Will not rust or decay
    • Inorganic, prevents the growth of mold and fungus
    • No protruding wires or jagged metal edges
    • Easy, positive interlocking feature on 48” sides, no clips required

    We can help you with all your benching needs. Assemble your own for around $4 per square foot by using plastic bench tops & the components listed below. With these materials you will have a bench that lasts a long time, maybe even a lifetime. A cheaper option is using 2x4s with plastic bench tops or wire mesh.

    We can quote on complete bench systems.

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