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Price Match Guarantee


In order to be considered for a price match, the customer must present a current quote from a recognized manufacturer. That quote must contain:

1. Name, address, phone number and website for company providing the quote

2. Matching customer names and address on both quotes

3. Approximate shipping date and availability

4. Quote issue date and valid through date

5. Detailed line items on options and components, including but not limited to:
•Structure name or model info
• Length and width of structure
• Tubing sizes and gauges
• Number of sections in each bow
• Connection details
• Bow spacing
• Baseboard Material
• Trusses, door, ventiliation
• Roll up side
• End wall
• Automation


To be eligible for a price match, the provided quote:

• May not include clearance, seasonal, inventory reduction, or other discounts

• Must match the same total quantity of structures as the presented quote

• Must show any provided discounts as an itemized part of the quote

• May not include used, factory second or otherwise reconditioned products


We do not match a "return customer" or "trade" discount on first-time orders. Dealer or volume discounts considered based on current inventory levels and lead time. This guarantee does not apply to freight or handling and is subject to change without notice.


CT Greenhouse will make the final decision on the comparability of the two quotes and whether or not they are suitable to price match. We reserve the right not to sell a product for less than our cost.



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