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Custom Light Dep Package

Call or email today for a custom quote. (860) 341-8707 or


CT Greenhouse is the go-to source for Light Dep on the East Coast and nationally. Call today to learn more about our leading components and functionality, and to find out how our system can complete your greenhouse!

  • Description

    Our light dep systems come as complete package with all the hardware, parts and details you need to have a successful installaiton and grow: 

    • Heavy duty side clasp roll bars and custom 9.5 oz 9 mil black out vinyl fabric
    • Double wirelock for the ridge of the house
    • 100NM low voltage motors
    • Options for controllers from Advancing alternatives and Link 4
    • Telescoping arms and all hardware
    • Double layer black out permitier seal
    • Interface box options for heaters, vens and fans
    • Humidity, rain and wind sensors avaiable with Advancing alternative controllers
    • Complete weather stations and irrigation intergration for Link4

    Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specfic set up and needs. 

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