Trellis Netting

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A lightweight, robust, UV stabilized netting to support climbing vegetables. 


Verticle: The mesh is hung vertically fastening it to poles 3-5 metres apart based on the preferred techniques and arranged along the cultivated row. Slightly raised off the ground, it must enable the vegetable plant to develop so the vegetables can climb along the TENAX HORTONOVA mesh. It is ideal to grow peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers, courgettes, climbing pumpkins and all climbing vegetables in general. It can be used in different colours to help identify the plant. Its application ensures:

• less diseases

• increased growing density

increased exposure to sunlight to make fruit ripen at the same time

• faster harvest, thanks to space optimisation

• product enhancement, because it makes the vegetables better thanks to the best ripening

Horizaontal: The net is stretched horizontally, fastening it to poles arranged transversely on the ends and intermediate poles positioned along the sides of the plot, placed 2 to 5 metres apart, based on the type of cultivation. During the various development and growth phases, continue to horizontally lay the mesh to create layers. Ideal to cultivate cut flowers, allowing them to grow straight and have a higher sales market value. Perfects cultivation of carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies, gladioli, lilies, orchids, roses and snapdragons. Its application ensures:

• increased production value, since the flowers grow healthier (bacteria does not deposit on the mesh), more regular and straighter.

• considerably less labour compared to using raffia and metal wire