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EL08 ELECTRONIC SCARE GUN: Almost no moving parts. The EL08 includes a 24hr timer that can be programmed with multiple on/of periods and blast intervals can be set for 1- 60 minutes or at random intervals. Uses 12V battery (sold separately). Includes regulator to install on propane tank (tank not included).

MARK 4 SCARE GUN: Mechanical cannon. Precise valve for regulation of gas flow to time detonations (5 to 30 min.) Standard with regulator to install on propane tank (tank not included).

ZON TIMER: The Zon cannon timer automatically starts and stops operation of the propane cannon each day at your specified time (1 on/off period per day). One AA battery will power the Zon timer for an entire season.
Timer connects to gas hose between cannon and propane tank. Enclosed in weatherproof case.

ROTATING TRIPOD — 4' High: Allows scare gun to rotate 50-70 degrees with each detonation. Tripod is highly recommended as it allows the detonation to go in a different direction each time the gun fires.
Therefore noise will cover a larger area.

TRIPOD EXTENSION KIT: Extends tripod 2' higher.