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HTAG4930SS Snip, Stainless Steel Long Straight Snip, unobtrusive leather strap lock, 1-3/4” pointed blade.  

HTAC4510 Universal Tool Scabbard, nylon construction, 5” deep pouch fits hand pruners, snips etc. 

HTBP3160 HD Hand Pruner, Classic Cut® Bypass Pruner, resharpenable forged steel blade, cuts up to 3/4” 

HTBP3214 Economy Hand Pruner, ComfortGEL® Bypass Pruner, non-stick blade, cuts up to 3/4” 

HTSL3264 Economy Lopper, ComfortGEL® Bypass Lopper, non-stick blade, 30” handle, cuts up to 1-1/2” 

HTSL7180 HD Lopper, Dual CutTM Bypass Lopper, Fully forged steel construction, 31” handle, cuts up to 2”. 

HTTP3841 Tree Pruner, 15” steel saw blade, extends up to 12’ with twist lock adjustment, cuts up to 1”.