Mazzei Injectors (Complete Units)

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Mazzei injectors are high efficiency, Venturi-type, differential pressure injectors. A pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the injector creates a vacuum inside the body, which results in suction through the suction port. The suction can then be used to inject and mix fertilizers and water treatment chemicals into the water. Mazzei injectors are trouble free because there are no moving parts, and long life because they are molded from chemical resistant polypropylene.

Mazzei non-proportional injectors are excellent for drip systems in fields or high tunnels, provided that fertilizer is based on rate/acre rather than PPM (constant feed). Take lbs/acre per week divided by number of applications for the week and mix it with approx 5 gallons of water.

Complete Units include injector unit with bypass mainline, 8' suction hose, (GPH) flo- meter, back flow check valve, main line control valve, bypass valves, pressure gauge and stand (no stand on MIC707 or MIC710)